My Eyes

Hi, my name is Desmond Hudson.


I am currently residing in Switzerland, yet I consider myself without a true home. Home is just a feeling for me. A feeling that I can find anywhere.

I’m half English and half Swiss (hopefully the better halves) and therefore fluent in both languages (English/German).

I tend to practice different hobbies and interests simultaneously. Although recently, a love for the image and visual art has taken over my busy mind: Hence the start of my photography and cinematography adventures. I dislike concentrating myself on one thing or one speciality only; there is too much to learn and explore to just be boxed in. That is why I mingle in various styles and subjects when it comes to my photography. I enjoy setting a scene, being responsible for the look and feel of an image. Being in control of the artistic direction. Although there are always welcome surprises during the process that help shape the outcome. This explains my preference in working with models.

The rawness in nature and structure never fail to catch my eye though. Whether it’s a perfect field covered in fresh snow, or the architecture of a building; I have come to appreciate the beauty in natural occurrence and in other people’s work.

What I wish to achieve is to show the world through my eyes; the way I see it. Or at least; the way I want to see it.

Personal Instagram: des.the.boi